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ITAMMA participates at Texfair

Jul 01, 2016
ITAMMA participates at Texfair

ITAMMA being a supporting Association was allotted a complimentary Stall No. BC47 admeasuring 12 sq m during the fair. ITAMMA president was invited to deliver a felicitation speech. S Senthilkumar, Immediate Past-President, presented the same on behalf of ITAMMA as below:

“As it is always an honor to reside with SIMA on its continuous efforts towards the well-being of the textile industry at large, SIMA deserves a great deal of unbiased appreciation for its focused and unique way of contributing to the prosperity of the industry. So it is obvious that ‘TEXFAIR-2016’ is going to be an extra mileage and a landmark to be remembered with by the textile fraternity. While, amidst the felicitation, let me share a few thoughts with you on the present scenario of the textile industry.

As we all know, we are passing through a strange economic passage, where we seem to witness a slowdown of the industrial activity in general, while the textile industry is no exception. But by and large we tend to be euphoric about the present trend, as the Indian Industrial Production (IIP) figures are not very discouraging and appears to be benign with a feel-good factor associated with regard to the pace of spindalage growing in the spinning sector. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that weaving is also gathering momentum in this region which is a phenomena prevailing at the present. All put together make us feel the revival is not too far and the prosperity is much closer to us. So the domestic optimism is very much in the vicinity despite the global limpness.”

ITAMMA stall was attended by the Director General (Tech) and the Coimbatore Liaison Officer, which received a very good response of about 100 visitors.

Further, there were about 112 non-members of ITAMMA participating in this Fair which gave a good opportunity to ITAMMA for inviting them to be the members of ITAMMA. There was a good response from about 23-24 non-members out of them who were interacted by the Director General (Tech) and Coimbatore Liaison Officer, and who further showed interest in becoming the members of ITAMMA. ITAMMA Logo was submitted to 53 ITAMMA members for displaying in their stall who participated as an exhibitor. The response received from the member-exhibitors about the exhibition was fairly good and satisfactory recording valuable customers at their stall.