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Girish Electrical: A leader in electric heaters

Sep 01, 2016
Girish Electrical: A leader in electric heaters

Since 1978, Girish has designed and manufactured more than 250 standard and 10,000 custom built heaters. The expertise at Girish Heat allows it to make long lasting, high quality heaters to suit customer requirements. Water immersion heaters: Girish Electrical Industries manufactures ‘Girish Heat’ brand ISI & CE marked industrial water immersion heaters. These heaters are made of two or more copper-sheathed tubular heating elements brazed to brass flange. Heaters are nickel-chrome plated and provided with earthing terminals. A metallic cap is provided for protection of terminals.

These heaters are used in heavy-duty industrial hot water baths, water jacketed apparatus, side arm circulating process tanks, and a wide range of water heating applications in various industries. These heaters are available in standard wattages from 2 kW to 12 kW. It is available in 1 1/4 inch BSP to 2 1/2 inch BSP threaded flanges. These heaters can also be made in round plated flanges and can also be provided with flameproof cover.

High density cartridge heaters: These are made of heating conductor grade Ni-Cr 80:20 and is evenly wound on a supporting MGO core, which is co centrally placed in a chrome-nickel steel tube. After which the inner vacant space is filled with specially selected high purity magnesium oxide powder. This assembled unit is then highly compressed in an SPM, thus converting the core, powder and conductor into one homogeneous mass. The bottom end of the heater is welded with a disc washer for prevention against contamination.

These high density cartridge heaters are used in numerous industries including packaging, marking & sealing machinery, hot runner bushings, medical & laboratory apparatus, shoe making, dye and platens, and 3-D Printers. Its main features include: minimum diameter of 1/4 inch & 6 mm, maximum diameter of 1 inch & 32 mm, minimum length: 1½ inch & 40 mm, and maximum length: 40 inch & 1,000 mm. It is highly non-corrosive, even heats profile and maximum temperature of up to 750°C and has high purity magnesium oxide. It has superior life expectancy, is available with various lead exits & cable protection options, and is sealed bottom with conical end disk to avoid contamination and for easy replacements. Some options available are: standard, watt density option and in-built thermocouple.

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