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Engineers of tomorrow give the best for TT

Aug 01, 2015
Engineers of tomorrow give the best for TT

On the occasion of Techtextil in Frankfurt the Walter Reiners-Stiftung (foundation) honoured three successful young engineers. The prize-winning papers are best practice examples and range from technologies for the fabrication of fibre composites over a modelling approach of a parachute to the development of textile implants for the treatment of bone fractures. Peter D. Dornier, chairman of the Lindauer DORNIER Board of Management and chairman of the Walter Reiners-Stiftung honoured the laureates.

´The content of all elaborations falls within the field of technical textiles and perfectly meets Techtextil and the final products shown there. They prove that the textile machinery industry is a real high-tech section and the starting point for innovative products and applications,´ explained Dornier.

Award-winners of 2015
The promotion prize in the dissertation category endowed with 5,000 Euros has been awarded to Dr Wolfgang Trümper of TU Dresden. In his dissertation he shows how preforms for fibre-reinforced composites in 2D and also 3D can be produced by flat knitting technologies. The promotion prize of 3,000 Euros in the diploma category has gone to Jan Fleischmann of TU Dresden. His subject was the modelling approach of a reserve parachute. Moritz Eger, also of TU Dresden, has been rewarded for the best student research with the creativity prize endowed with 2,000 Euros. In his project he devoted himself to the development of a textile reinforced osteosynthesis implant for the treatment of bone fractures.