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NITRA releases a new book on solar energy

Jun 01, 2017
 NITRA releases a new book on solar energy

NITRA releases a new book on “Solar Energy – Fundamentals, Economic and Energy Analysis” authored by Saurabh Kumar Rajput. This book has covered all important aspects of solar energy. The book has six chapters – basics of solar energy, solar thermal and application, solar photovoltaic (PV) and application, economics of solar system, energy analysis of solar systems, and simulation and analysis of photovoltaic (PV) system with maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

The uniqueness of the book is the detailed economic analysis of solar system (like cash flow analysis/profit cost analysis/payback period/IRR, etc.). Second very important aspect of the book is the energy analysis of solar system, which deals with embodied energy, energy payback time, electricity production factor, lifecycle conversion efficiency, analysis of solar evaporative cooling system, etc.

To make subjects and topics clear and understandable, interesting case studies have been provided in appropriate chapters. This book will be useful for students, personnel working in solar units, technocrats and people engaged in research work.