TEI industry output up 4%

TEI industry output up 4%

The total domestic demand for textile machinery during 2017-18 was Rs 13,613 crore of which imported machinery constituted Rs 9,652 crore, says the report from TMMA.

The total domestic demand for textile machinery during 2017-18 was Rs 13,613 crore of which imported machinery constituted Rs 9,652 crore, says the report from TMMA.

The production of the textile engineering industry (TEI) recorded an increase of 4 per cent viz. Rs 6,900 crore as against Rs 6,650 crore achieved during the previous year.

The substantial increase in production of spinning machinery was responsible for this growth. It was expected that spinning machinery sector might increase their production further during 2018-19. In weaving sector, particularly in the shuttleless loom category, the growth rate was less due to uncertain situation created by the unfavourable MMS scheme under the RR TUFS. Synthetic filament yarn sector also recorded a decline in production while the processing sector got a slight increase. In fact many of the processing machinery manufacturers had done well during the period. The domestic manufacturers were not given due support by the user industry, and the Government.

The export of textile machinery to the third world countries has increased. The association is making efforts to help the TEI to increase its exports further. On the basis of the data furnished by the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics, Kolkata, the estimated export performance during 2017-18 was Rs 2,939 crore as against Rs 2,438 crore achieved during 2016-17. The upswing in the imports might be due to improper HS Code used by the importers. Besides, there are imports of used machines, as well as refurbished-as-new and low cost – low tech shuttleless looms from China in large numbers.

In absence of authentic daily transaction data from the Government, the Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (TMMA) had been procuring the same data on imports and exports from a private source which appeared reasonably reliable, and the analysis was based on the same. However, the import data from private source is no longer available as the Ministry of Finance (MoF) had withdrawn Notification No 128/2004-Customs (N.T.) dated November 19, 2004 which directed the customs to publish the daily lists of imports and exports. The Indian custom authorities had in view of this notification stopped publishing the daily lists of imports and exports with effect from November 27, 2016.

TMMA had requested the concerned ministries/departments to continue the publication of daily lists of imports and exports, and had also highlighted the benefits of publishing the data. Besides the association had requested the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) to send necessary recommendations to the concerned ministries/departments in this matter.

Based on a survey report done by the Textiles Committee with support of TMMA a few years back, and the import and export data analysed, the domestic share of demand of the TEI had shown a downtrend. At present the estimated capacity is Rs 11,000 crore. The production has reached Rs 6,900 crore as against Rs 6,650 crore during the previous year increasing the capacity utilisation from 60 to 63 per cent.

The total domestic demand for textile machinery during 2017-18 was Rs 13,613 crore of which imported machinery constituted Rs 9,652 crore. Supplies from the domestic machinery industry amounted to Rs 3,961 crore, aggregating 29 per cent of the total demand.

Years Production Exports Production
(minus exports)
Parts imported
by machinery
(15% of production)
Net Import
(Less: Parts
by manufacturers)
% Share
of demand
met by
2013-14 6,775 2,277 4,498 8,562 1,016 7,546 12,044 37
2014-15 6,960 2,466 4,494 8,858 1,044 7,814 12,308 37
2015-16 6,580 2,351 4,229 10,305 987 9,318 13,547 31
2016-17 6,650 2,438 4,212 10,098 998 9,101 13,313 32
2017-18 P 6,900 2,939 3,961 10,687 1,035 9,652 13,613 29

Export of textile machinery

Year Value in Rs crore
2012-13 1,512
2013-14 2,277
2014-15 2,466
2015-16 2,351
2016-17 2,438
2017-18 2,939
Category 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Spinning & Allied Machines 2,950 3,445 3,480 3,615 3,815
Synthetic Filament Yarn Machines 930 800 440 400 385
Weaving & Allied Machines 915 890 870 900 885
Processing Machines 595 575 625 635 650
Misc.(Spinning,Weaving & Processing,Jute) Machines 30 25 25 30 35
Textile Testing & Measuring Instruments 95 90 115 100 130
Hosiery Machines/ Hosiery Needles 55 60 60 65 80
Total Of Machinery 5,570 5,885 5,615 5,745 5,980
Spares & Accessories 1,205 1,075 965 905 920
Grand Total 6,775 6,960 6,580 6,650 6,900
% Increase/Decrease 3% -5% 1% 4%

Source: TMMA AGM

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