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Menges launches new website

Mar 01, 2015
Menges launches new website

Menges Roller Company has launched a new website
The URL address is the same, but the content is completely new and enhanced. Using a wealth of visuals and language that is inherently technical in nature, but not over-the-top with engineering jargon, Menges has taken the approach of offering easily-understood solutions to a wealth of technical issues.
The format facilitates a solid understanding, on the part of the user, of the roller company´s product & service offerings. Menges´ primary markets are OEMs and large-scale end-users involved in nonwovens and industrial material manufacturing operations.

Jeff Awe, Marketing Director for Menges Roller, explained the approach. ´Some companies take a very austere approach, and you have to wonder what they do. We wanted to clearly show and explain - with visuals and straightforward problem-solution language - what our rollers do, what their benefits are, and why we are a great company to partner with.´

In addition to calling-out individual product & service offerings, Menges Roller´s new website features several ´all in one industry buttons´ that give summary lists of all the products and services Menges Roller offers for a particular industry. This makes the site user-friendly and minimizes the time users have to spend searching for the solution that´s most-relevant to their issue at hand.

Matt Menges, President of Menges Roller, validated the new site, ´we´re constantly updating our rubber roller elastomers, our chill roll designs, and our secondary services´and this new site reflects these solutions. Manufacturing technology is advancing every day, and Menges Roller is advancing as well, stride for stride.´

Menges´ new site includes several videos, industry links, social media linkage and various means of interfacing with the Menges Roller Engineering Team. The website will be updated regularly to feature appearances at tradeshows & technical conferences. We encourage one and all to visit the site and look around.

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