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Fibre classification systems from MAG

Apr 01, 2016
Fibre classification systems from MAG

MAG Solvics Private Limited—with its strong technical and professional team with excellent track record for best customer satisfaction—has a wide range of textile testing instruments from fibre to garments.

Raw material represents about 50 to 70 per cent of the production cost of a yarn. This fact is sufficient to indicate the significance of the raw material for the yarn producer. It is not possible to use a problem-free raw material always, because cotton is a natural fibre and there are many properties which will affect the performance. If all the properties have to be good for the cotton, the raw material would be too expensive. To produce a good yarn with these difficulties, an intimate knowledge of the raw material and its behaviour in processing is a must.

Yarn production begins from the selection of raw material, whereby success or failure is determined by the fibre quality, its price and availability. Successful yarn producers optimise profits by a process oriented selection and mixing of the raw material, followed by optimisation of the machine settings, production rates, operating elements, etc.

The Fibre Testing Solutions from MAG measures all the important parameters of cotton fibre and simplifies the raw material selection and issue. It has a wide range of fibre testing solutions to cater to all categories of customers.

HVT Expert 1401

  • Automated comb sampling ensures uniform beard preparation
  • Parallel as well as simultaneous operation ensures faster testing

Features include: Measures the important fibre properties of cotton – length, strength, fineness, maturity, moisture, colour and real trash content; calibration in both HVI & ICC mode by USDA or any other regional / international calibration cotton; trash separation with flexible sample size of up to 50 grams by buoyancy separation technique; measures trash, dust and micro-dust; flexible report options provides detailed and consolidated formats; and ascertains spinnability estimation, process proficiency (PP) and FQI.

BaleMAN & BarCode

Can be integrated with HVT Genius 2030 and HVT Expert 1401. Bale Management system works under different selection methods and facilitates in receipt, stock and issue of raw material.


  • Trash separation by buoyancy separation technique
  • Precise and rapid measurement with flexible sample size upto 50 grams
  • Automatic trash weighment ensures accurate result
  • Inbuilt dust & micro-dust collection cartridge
  • Windows based user friendly application software with enhanced report options DigiMic XT
  • Built-in re-chargable battery for field testing
  • Vast data memory - Storage up to 1,000 readings with transferable option to software
  • Calibration by USDA
  • Sample weighment by attached digital weighing scale
  • Built-in compressor mechanism avoids external compressed air