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DuPont unveils new protection garment

Aug 01, 2015
DuPont unveils new protection garment

DuPont has recently launched DuPont´ Tychem® ThermoPro, a single layer, triple-threat protection garment, at the Civil Defence Training Center in Dubai Academic City. DuPont´ Tychem® ThermoPro is an innovative single layer garment that offers protection from liquid-chemical jet, flash fire, and electric arc. During the launch, a live demonstration of DuPont´ Tychem® ThermoPro garment on the Thermo-Man® life-sized instrumented mannequin system was also conducted. It clearly demonstrated the increased ability of the material to provide resistance to permeation up to 480 minutes by more than 175 chemical challenges including 19 chemicals found in the ASTM F1001 list along with protection from arc discharge and flash burn injury. Moreover, every garment is certified to the National Fire Protection Association´s (NFPA) standards.

Emphasising on the vision of the Directorate General of Civil Defence ´ Dubai that a human casualty is a loss of a national asset and cannot be compensated, DuPont will work proactively to keep the emirate and its people safe and secured. The company remains committed to launch initiatives and campaigns to spread preventive awareness about safety against fire and hazardous chemicals in industries, factories and commercial spaces. Upholding DuPont´s core values of supporting innovation in the field of safety, the company will continue to innovate and improvise materials and standards in safety and protection and the launch of DuPont´ Tychem® ThermoPro is a step forward in this direction.

Tychem® ThermoPro garments combines the chemical protection of DuPont´ Tychem® fabric and flame and flash protection of Nomex® fiber in a single garment. It is trusted and used by firefighters, electricians, and workers from the oil and gas sector, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, foundry, and humanitarian sectors.