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Allma scores points with E3 technology

Feb 01, 2015
Allma scores points with E3 technology

With a controlled slim yarn balloon, energy consumption has been successfully reduced by up to 50 per cent in the Allma´s cabling machine CableCorder CC4.
From 10-12 February 2015, the Tyre Technology Expo in Cologne, the most important international trade fair and conference centre for tyre design and manufacture, is once again the platform for tyre manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. Visitors to the trade fair are worldwide the leading experts, top engineering executives and purchasing managers in the tyre manufacturing sector. Allma welcomes visitors in Hall 11.1 at stand 1010 and is looking forward to presenting the new E³-technologies. As a market leader and forerunner of innovation, Allma designs and develops products that clearly stand out from competitive companies in terms of energy consumption, economic viability, ergonomics and safety. Further ongoing developments at Allma focus on customer benefits in order to strengthen their competitiveness. In order to represent the added value of its products, Saurer has launched its new E³ logo on the market. ´E³´ stands for Energy, Economics and Ergonomics. Through innovative developments, the energy consumption of the machines is constantly reduced, economic viability of production steadily increased and ergonomics continually improved.

Energy: Twist save with E³ technology
In two out of three car tyres, the tyre cord is a product of Allma machines. Formerly on ring twisting machines and today on cabling machines - Allma has always set new milestones in the manufacture of tyre cord. The cabling machine CableCorder CC4, the fourth generation, has revolutionized cabling technology by means of its innovative outer yarn delivery system. With a controlled slim yarn balloon, energy consumption has been successfully reduced by up to 50 per cent compared to other models. This system has been patented and may be exclusively used by Allma customers.

Energy costs can be up to 50 per cent of overall production costs, depending on the location, and therefore this innovation makes a considerable contribution to cost reduction and thus aiding economic viability and competitiveness. Up to 50 per cent fewer yarn breaks and lower air-conditioning costs through reduced waste heat also substantially increase the productivity of the machine.

Ergonomics: Tailored to the needs of user
A slim yarn balloon reduces the noise level enormously. Up to 5 dB (A) lower noise levels have been measured. Features such as the bobbin conveyor belt and the protection flap allow simple and effective operation of the machine. Together with the outstanding yarn and bobbin quality, the optimum conditions for the highest level of value creation have been set for today and for tomorrow.

Saurer E³ philosophy puts the customer at the forefront. Only products which fulfill all the demands in respect of energy, economics and ergonomics receive the E³ label.

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