Taiwan Smart Manufacturing shines with technological prowess at ITMA 2023

Taiwan Smart Manufacturing shines with technological prowess at ITMA 2023

The organisation presented its state-of-the-art technology at the exhibition.

At ITMA 2023, Taiwan Smart Manufacturing aims to improve the industry’s reputation and explore international business prospects by employing integrated marketing strategies and connecting prospective clients with manufacturers showcased its technological progress. In pursuit of advancing this initiative, the organisation presented its state-of-the-art technology at ITMA 2023.

Pai Lung

Pai Lung is a global provider of textile machinery and solutions. The company specialise in designing and manufacturing advanced knitting machines and textile machinery for a wide range of applications.

Pai Lung innovated and introduced MES & (POMS + KFMS) system with FDD device installed on circular knitting machine and the machine becomes artificial intelligent. By collecting data from the machine, the producer will find it effortless to replicate fabric production repeatedly.

The company also unveiled AlterKnit, which is a fabric technology that knits up to multi colours at once to create intricately patterned fabrics. Typically, combining multiple colours increases a fabric’s weight or causes uneven surfaces. What’s more, to achieve these designs, manufacturers often generate large amounts of textile waste or use dyes and chemicals that leak in the wash. AlterKnit is the exception. It combines colour, comfort, and sustainable production for a fabric that’s silky smooth, lightweight, and kinder to the environment.

ACME Machinery Industry

ACME Machinery Industry develops series of dyeing machines, thousands of their products are running in more than 20 countries. Since their advanced in Taiwan, the company is also authorised by their government to use the Taiwan Excellence mark.

The company displayed the non-traditional AM-ICD Machine is a revolutionary innovation that highly saves energy and protects environment. Different from the traditional dyeing m/c which actually forwards the fabrics by means of a lot of water, this model m/c is equipped with a conveyer to transport fabrics which acheives its extremely low liquor ratio 1: 2.5~3.5. Therefore, this m/c can save water, steam, energy and chemical consumption as well as effluent by more than 65-75 per cent compare to the traditional dyeing machines. That means this m/c not only help the dyeing house to make much more profit but also reduce the pollution. On the other word, to help the dye house value added with environmentally friendly to achieve green economy. Therefore, the green economy is the core value of this model m/c. No doubt this model m/c is being the new generation dyeing m/c.

Logic Art Automation

Logic Art is a leading manufacturer of dyeing and finishing automation in Taiwan, and their commitment is to provide comprehensive and customised solutions for its customers through the integration of intelligent and digital technology. Logic Art was founded in 1993 and is a certified manufacturer of dyeing and finishing automation, with over 40 global patented technologies.

Logic Art bought in the latest technology, both hardware and software, into dye house control systems by providing total dye house integration from the lab to production, finishing and Essential Management Software.

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