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Simultaneous scanning is the only sensible solution for textile

admin- August 1, 2021

In this interview, Thomas Höpfl, Sales Manager, Mahlo, explains how simultaneous scanning with multiple sensors ensures high-quality goods and less waste for the customers. Read More

KARL MAYER’s smart shirt is opening up new applications

admin- February 1, 2020

The special feature of TEXTILE-CIRCUIT is that conductive yarns can be incorporated directly into the textile during the warp knitting process, and they can be ... Read More

The long view for ring spinners

admin- February 1, 2019

Ring spinning machines are getting longer. And that’s a trend that is noticeable in some markets, where ringframes run to as many as 2,000 spindles ... Read More

Innovative rope dyeing

admin- November 1, 2015

India-based producer and exporter of warping, sizing and indigo denim yarn and fabric dyeing technologies, Jupiter Comtex Pvt Ltd is introducing a new innovation in ... Read More

Telmat launches automatic body measurement system

admin- August 1, 2015

The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner is a new hi-tech solution for automatically taking complete or partial measurements of the human body. It is an ... Read More

Electrospinning of viruses

admin- August 1, 2015

Electrospun viruses may be biosensors of the future. University of California-Riverside researchers Elaine Haberer and Nosang Myung have given new twist to the electrospinning technique. ... Read More

60 years of Loepfe WeftMaster

admin- May 1, 2015

Loepfe Brothers Ltd started business 60 years ago in 1955. Solutions for weaving mills significantly increased the efficiency of the production systems in the 1960s. ... Read More