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Focused functionality over lace fashion

admin- November 1, 2020

Functional yarns in particular can result in exceptional performance profiles. KARL MAYER has already carried out extensive development work in this field, in which electrically ... Read More

The next generation of the KARL MAYER Academy

admin- July 1, 2019

The KARL MAYER Academy provides know-how on machine handling, maintenance and textile analysis. Read More

Karl Mayer’s warp-knitted textiles

admin- May 1, 2019

Karl Mayer will showcase warp-knitted textiles having exceptional level of performance at Techtextil 2019. Textiles with excellent performance and lower manufacturing costs can be produced ... Read More

Electrifying designs & innovative E-textiles

admin- March 1, 2019

Textiles can be used for heating, cooling and lighting. They can measure the heart rate, as well as monitor soil erosion on slopes, and can ... Read More