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H&M Group and At One Ventures to invest in Alchemie Technology

admin- March 15, 2022

The investment will support Alchemie’s commercial roll-out, aiming to accelerate the transformation of the sustainability profile of textile manufacturing worldwide. At One Ventures and H&M ... Read More

COVID to disrupt global textile supply chain: EURATEX

admin- April 12, 2021

While India's textile & clothing (T&C) exports to European Union (EU-27) declined by 20.8% in 2020 compared to 2019, exports of China to EU-27 increased ... Read More

What it takes to be India’s top textile company?

admin- March 15, 2021

Textile industry plays a very important role in spinning the economy’s growth wheels by being the second largest employment generator (after agriculture) and accounting for ... Read More

How can India benefit from the changing landscape of the global textile supply chain?

admin- March 15, 2021

An unanticipated outcome of COVID-19 has been India becoming an alternative to China for buyers worldwide in the global textile supply chain. But can India ... Read More