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Automotive textiles: Preparing for total transformation

admin- November 1, 2019

There is currently frenzied activity and investment taking place to commercialise self-driving cars, involving both the established automotive manufacturers and the technology giants of Silicon ... Read More

NITRA organises Tech-Tex 2019 during 58th JTC

admin- February 25, 2019

On the very next day of the 58th JTC, NITRA separately organised Tech-Tex 2019, a conference on protective and automotive textiles. Read More

Nitra hosting 58th JTC on Feb 15

admin- January 7, 2019

The Joint Technological Conference (JTC) is a combined annual feature of four textile research associations NITRA, BTRA, SITRA & ATIRA. Read More

Knitting a future in fashion with changes

admin- May 1, 2018

We come across various fashion shows conducted in fashion hubs like Milan, Paris, London, New York, Loss Angeles, Dubai etc. These are the trendsetters in ... Read More

Global smart textiles market grows at 33%

admin- March 3, 2017

Smart textiles use technology to recycle and reuse textile fibres. They can monitor health and can measure movements. Read More

Big scope for FDY, IDY: Oerlikon

admin- February 15, 2017

In synthetic fibres, Indian market has high potential mid-term for FDY, IDY and staple yarns, which might have been also due to the slowdown in ... Read More

Bruckner line for nonwovens coating for automobiles

admin- January 1, 2017

Today, a modern automobile contains between 20 up to 30 kg of fibres from the tyres to the sky. These fibres are used—visibly and invisibly—in ... Read More