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Spot humidifier with digital humidity control

May 01, 2014
Spot humidifier with digital humidity control

Based in Coimbatore, Humifogg Systems line of expertise is in the area of power saving ultra fogging nozzles and high pressure pumps for the direct humidification system. Their latest innovation-Spot Humidifier with digital humidity control-is easy to install, and no RO water is required. With this up to 99 per cent of RH will be achieved.

Characteristics and advantages of an ultrasonic humidifier:

Diametre of the fog produced is 1-5 when compared to 3 -15 pm of high pressure fog system [nozzle type].

Very small size fog has the following advantages

  • Absorbed by the air quickly - When droplets size is bigger it can settle directly over the metal parts of machinery without proper dispersion in the air causing corrosion of parts
  • Can be transported to far away distances [Around 40-50m]
  • Cost of humidifying is as low as 0.05 kw / kg / hr which is 1 /10 to 1 /15th of other humidifying types.
  • This technology does not need nozzles, Fog output can be direct from the PVC pipe thus no issues such as nozzle blockages etc.
  • Advance automation technology, compositive automation sub assembly, unique water proof design, easy cleaning & long life span making its usage reliable.
  • Humidifier works without mechanical drive, large power motors & compressed air making its maintanance easy and economical.
  • Small cubage & very compact in size making assembling in any type of area easy.
  • Individual units of various capacity [as in below table] making it easy to increase or decrease the amount of humidification needed on a future date.

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