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Spinnova online monitoring system

Nov 01, 2014

Indo Texnology´s Spinnova is an online monitoring system for spinning. Each individual spindle, machine and utility power points are monitored continuously for deviations. The integrated information help mills optimise the resources - Power, man power, material and machine conditions.

Machine terminal display
Tri Colour LED at each spindle calls for immediate attention for even complex but urgent emergencies like slip, rogue and idle spindles, which otherwise have to await a central monitoring report once a day.

Benefits for workers
End break LED for each spindle as well as the common LCD display, enables worker to attend on need basis instead of continuous patrolling , reduces walking time and fatigue.

  • Higher productivity.
  • Convenient and lesser load even with possible additional sides.
  • Enables flexible and scientific work allocation.
  • Roving stop (Optional ) - reduces pneumafil waste and roller lapping.

Benefits for mills
Action based on authentic and timely data helps achieve.

  • Set targets and work towards continuous improvement on scientific basis.
  • Maximise production (Utilisation, speeds, reduce stops /stop time).
  • Minimise input cost (Manpower, Power, Process waste).
  • Maximise operational profit and institutionalise process control systems.

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