Sedo Treepoint to focus on sustainability and digitalization

Sedo Treepoint to focus on sustainability and digitalization

The company will again present its latest innovations at ITMA ASIA 2021 in Shanghai.

At ITMA Asia 2021 in Shanghai, Sedo Treepoint will showcase latest innovations for improving sustainability and digitalization. The focus is on the Sedomat 6007/8000 controller series and its latest member – Sedomat 6007. This new development is a cost-effective solution for high degree automation which of-fers many flexible internal I/O options.

The 8000 series comes now in four different sizes to match customer needs exactly. The Sedomat 8007 has a 7” touch user interface and is the perfect solution for lab machines and data acquisition. Sedomat 8010 comes with a 10,1” touch display which can be adapted to every dyeing and finishing machine. The biggest user interface with 15,4” is offered by Sedo-mat 8015.

In addition to the well proven benefits of the Sedomat controllers, the new series is more flex-ible and offers different interfaces options like CANopen, Profibus DP and MODBUS RTU. To improve the communication between different systems, OPC UA and MQTT interface will en-hance data communication.


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