Saurer: The recycling enabler at DTG 2023

Saurer: The recycling enabler at DTG 2023

Saurer’s Texparts product line offers high quality components for spinning.

At the DTG from 15 – 18 February in Dhaka, Saurer, the premier solution provider for spinning and twisting machines, will be present in hall 7, booth 272. Saurer’s spinning and twisting machines are renowned for their energy saving features, automation, and digitalisation solutions. Saurer machines enable the circular economy in textiles and are the leaders in processing recycled textile materials. Saurer’s Texparts product line offers high quality components for spinning.

Saurer enables spinning mills to process a wide range of recycled and regenerated fibres and yarns in their production. The Saurer rotor spinning machines are leaders in the pro¬cessing of recycled fibres. The Saurer textile technology experts continuously assist customers in optimising their yarn production and yarn quality, especially for recycled fibres. Saurer has always been committed to ad¬vancing the textile industry, integrating high-end equipment manufacturing with modern information technology to provide sophisticated solutions for the smart spinning factory.

Excellent sliver quality with Saurer’s blow room and carding machines

The right combination of Saurer’s blow room and carding machinery ensures excellent fibre utilisation and sliver quality, thus increasing the efficiency of the spinning process and improving the quality of yarn. The new Autocard was developed to create further value in the fibre preparation chain.

The benchmark for intelligent roving and ring spinning

High-quality rovings are produced on the Autospeed roving frame with automated doffing.

The use of the Autospeed roving frame with automatic doffer ensures that spinning mills do not have to rely on skilled workers, and simultaneously increases the qual¬ity of the roving. The Autospeed roving frame with up to 240 spindles saves up to 20% of energy compared with the previous model, while doffing takes less than 2 minutes.

The ZR 72XL and ZI 72XL are two highly productive ring and compact-spinning machines. They set the global benchmarks for intelligent spinning, low energy consumption, user friendliness, and flexible automation solutions.

Saurer – the market leader in rotor spinning

The BD 7 is the leading semi-automatic rotor spinning machine

The BD 7 semi-automated rotor spinning machine is powered by the technologies of Autocoro. With the patented digital piecing technology, DigiPiecing, and take-up speeds of up to 230 m/min, the BD 7 remarkably improves yarn quality and productivity for spinning mills.

The Autocoro is the market and technology leader which revolutionised automatic rotor-spinning technology and opened the door to more productivity, flexibility, and sus¬tainability for customers worldwide. In just 10 years, Saurer installed 1 million Autocoro spinning positions with individual drive technology and energy saving features.

Autoairo – the new air spinning technology

Autoairo air spinning machine with autonomous spinning positions

The Autoairo sets new benchmarks for air spinning. Saurer has combined its most advanced automation solutions with proven technology to create an air-spinning machine with unique properties. The Autoairo features autonomous spinning positions with automation per spinning unit for more productivity and integrated intelligence.

Texparts components for boosted ring spinning productivity

Saurer’s Texparts product line offers high quality components for the textile industry including drafting systems and spindles, spinning rings, and travellers. The new double elastic spindle, Eshape, has a reduced wharf diameter and is based on CS 1 S. Out¬standing running properties up to 30 000 rpm and about 6% energy savings are the key performance factors. Eshape, combined with the best system for spinning with¬out underwinding, Spinnfinity, is the perfect fit for automated and efficient ring spinning.

The FusionTwister – two-for-one twisting at highest speeds

The FusionTwister for two-for-one twisting at highest speeds.

Often used for high-quality towels and bed lining, the two-for-one twisting machine FusionTwister, offers high efficiency combined with the excellent quality of the cross-wound delivery packages produced. Up to 15% of energy can be saved with the FusionTwister while increasing the winding speed by 10%.Consistent high yarn and package quality is a result of our robust machine construction and optimised yarn guiding elements, which consist of yarn-friendly ceramics or have plasma-coated surfaces for low friction and longevity.

About Saurer Group

The Saurer Group, founded in 1853, is a leading, globally active technology company with a focus on machines and components for yarn production. As a company with a tradition of 170 years, we have always been an innovation leader. Today, the group is a solution provider for the textile industry consisting of two segments. Spinning Solutions offers high-quality, technologically advanced, and customer-specific automated solutions for staple fibre processing from bale to yarn. Saurer Technologies specialises in intelligent and economical twisting and cabling machines for tire cord, carpet, staple fibre, glass filament, and industrial yarns, which allow customers to adapt flexibly to dynamic market requirements. Automation Solutions provides textile mills with an array of labour-saving systems. With around 3 300 employees, the Saurer Group, with locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK, Czech Republic, Türkiye, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, China, India, Uzbekistan, and Singapore, is well equipped to serve the world’s textile centres.

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