Peass celebrates 75 years of independence with Technology Silos

Peass celebrates 75 years of independence with Technology Silos


Peass celebrates 75 years of independence with Technology Silos

Covid-19 has created considerable changes in the global manufacturing scenario. A significant shift observed in the textile industry is that of global buyers shifting from Chinese manufacturers to more broad-based sourcing. In this light, Indian textile businesses are likely to see a significant upturn in near future, and are well supported by the latest Government schemes, encouraging investments under PLI scheme, Integrated Textile Parks, etc. This would further lead to an enhanced demand for locally made, good quality machines, especially keeping in lines with the “Make-In-India” provisions.

Peass, a leading manufacturer of textile machinery is well-equipped to serve the global industry better during this upturn, with improved quality, efficient deliveries and logistical ease. Peass has recently decentralized their manufacturing facilities, previously based in the city centre, by building separate independent silos for their products where the segregation is done based on the technological requirements of the manufacturing processes involved.

The products have been segregated broadly into two categories namely, Precision-based & Drum-based. Each category has been allocated a state-of-art, standalone unit with dedicated quality control and efficient line assembly processes. This enables more efficient throughput, ensuring that each machine manufactured is of the best quality and is always “Right the first time”.

The units are based adjacent to National Highway 08 which also facilitates easier container movements and export logistics, enabling timely dispatches to ports in Mumbai and Hazira. The earlier setup, in the city centre, faced container movement restrictions within the city, which was a logistical challenge, giving rise to the change in location. 

Critical component manufacturing is based in two more verticals, again segregated into Mechanical & Electronics/Electrical functions. Hence, shifting from an enormous single unit to multiple lean, efficient & focussed independent Silos was the way to go. These independent Silos ensured quick response time and better product management.

This brought us one step closer to a smoother and more streamlined experience for our customers, which is always our ultimate goal.