P N RAO celebrates their centennial year with global industry leaders

P N RAO celebrates their centennial year with global industry leaders


Gets recognised by World Federation of Master Tailors (WFMT) for their outstanding dedication and contribution to the world of tailoring.

100 years in a brand’s journey marks a significant milestone in the annals of a company. Among a handful of brands that can boast of this significant achievement in the country, is the legendary and iconic men’s fashion brand from Bengaluru, P N RAO, founded in 1923. Over the last 100 years, P N RAO with its tagline FINE SUITS SINCE 1923 has earned the reputation of suiting up the cities’ elites staying true to its founding philosophy and values.

To commemorate its centennial year celebrations on May 25, 2023, coinciding with the 120 birth anniversary of its founder late Shri Pishe Narayan Rao, P N RAO has brought global industry leaders in fabrics to share their perspectives on how the ever-changing and ever-evolving space of fashion is dictating the fabrics segment, more specifically the luxury fabrics space, globally and in India. Sharing stage with Ketan Pishe and Naveen Pishe, Partners, P N RAO were Neil Hart, Global Sales Director, Scabal; Bob McAuley, President, HMS International (parent company of Huddersfield Fine Worsteads); Chandramouli, Director, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds India and Roger La Viale; Simone, Global Sales Manager, Reda; Vitale Barberis Canonico and Vandana, MD, Dormeuil India.

Dr PrakashParmar presenting a memento to Ketan Pishe and Naveen Pishe, Partners, P N RAO.

Commenting on the shift in luxury fabrics in India and globally, Neil Hart, Global Sales Director, Scabal said, “India isdemandingmore finer and luxurious clothes and we are also working hard to meet those demands from the global and Indian consumer perspective, who is becoming more demanding and more curious to know about the whole process – from the raw materials stage to the finished products stage. The demand is certainly there, but for higher quality materials.”

Bob McAuley, President, HMS International, said,”India with a population of 1.4 billion is an aspirational market for all the fabric manufacturers but the needs and requirements are very different. The luxury segment is growing at a very rapid pace and hence the brands like us are ready to customize our product in accordance to the country’s requirements”

Richard Boide, MD, Dormeuil who joined via video conference, added “An important development that I foresee unfolding in India in future, is that, as more and more people become conscious about the environment, brands that are heavily invested in sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes will benefit, because consumers will increasingly align with brands that have strong sustainability commitments”.

“Dubbed as the equivalent of London’s Saville Row of India for the finest suits, P N RAO has given a new meaning to bespoke tailoring with innovations that never existed or thought of before” added the global executives.

Commenting on the shifts taking place in luxury fabrics in India, they said, “as global manufacturers and merchants of the finest fabrics for suits, we have observed a marked shift in demand of fabrics, especially the luxury fabrics, a segment largely dictated by wedding seasons, festive and special occasions in India. A collection of garments in the wardrobe styled in the trending fabric is the name of the game. But it doesn’t end here. As environmental consciousness gains momentum in all walks of life, the fabrics that they choose are also viewed with the same eyes resulting in a marked shift in demand for eco-responsible products. P N RAO has been at the forefront of playing an ‘advisory role’, a core value, to help consumers navigate through these tides of change and relaying back these gravitations to help us innovate and improve our buffet of offerings from time to time.”

Speaking to media persons on the occasion, Ketan Pishe said, “Year 2023 is a significant year for P N RAO for it marks the centennial year of the brand and more so today as it coincides with the 120 birth anniversary of our great founder late Shri Pishe Narayan Rao. P N RAO and all our global friends and partners have walked hand-in-hand these years to bring to customers the best suits in the finest fabrics which has made us a household name in suits and a force to reckon with. As we prepare for the next 100 years with renewed spirit and vigour and strengthen our partnership with the global fabrics manufacturers, we aim to further consolidate our leadership position in the segment”

“ To offer the finest suits at the most competitive prices to our customers, P N RAO has built one of the largest bespoke tailoring units on the outskirts of Bengaluru which is completely solar powered demonstrating our commitment to the environment and clean, safe and hygienic manufacturing of our apparels”, added Naveen Pishe.

On this special occasion, representatives from the World Federation of Masters Tailors presented a memento to P N RAO for their outstanding contribution towards bespoke tailoring furthering it and propagating it among suit aspirants. The memento was received by Ketan Pishe and Naveen Pishe, Partners, P N RAO. The memento was presented by Dr Prakash Parmar, Director, World Federation of Master Tailors.    

Later in the evening, P N RAO will give a glimpse of its new Women’s Wear line-up of garments that it will be launching soon along with its specially crafted Centennial Collection of apparels to commemorate its 100 glorious years at a glittering fashion show while also honoring 100 eminent personalities from Bengaluru from various walks of life who have brought name and fame to the city and have been part of the growth story of Bengaluru, akin to P N RAO.

About P N RAO

P N RAO started their journey back in 1923, pioneered by Pishe Narayan Rao. In the early days British officers and ladies of high rank counted on the stylised, customized perfection attuned by P N RAO. The empire expanded over the years with their characteristic suave and grace blending tradition and contemporary innovation. Over the decades, they defined men’s beau monde across the nation. The brand has become synonymous with class and quality. P N RAO has been the choice of men’s wear with their seven stores, spread across Bengaluru and Chennai. Constant upgrade and superior quality have buttoned up their suit of success. In the post-independence era this brand has revolutionized men’s tailoring under P N Panduranga Rao and starred as a trend setter in ‘ready to wear’ clothing. P N RAO is having one of the largest bespoke tailoring facilities in the country with solar powered units in Hoskote industrial belt.