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Trident Global to open new US HQ in Midtown South

Jun 24, 2021
Trident Global to open new US HQ in Midtown South

New York

Trident Global Inc, the terry towel manufacturer based in India, has signed a 10-year lease for the entire 8th floor Brause Realty’s 320 Fifth Avenue to open a US headquarters office in Midtown South.

Terry Towel manufacturer has a customer base in more than 75 countries across six continents. Trident Global, Inc will serve as the headquarters for the company’s US division. According to Melissa Brause, Director of Leasing, Brause Realty Inc, the company is excited to welcome the leader in the textile manufacturing industry to 320 Fifth Avenue. She also said that Resolution Real Estate has done a great job in the marketing of amenities and improvements in the building.

Despite the pandemic, more than 30,000 square feet of space has been leased at 320 Fifth Avenue. High ceiling, sleek finishes, self-cleaning elevator button, 360-degree air purifier, large operable windows, air conditioning units with MERV 13 filters, and wellness upgrades are the key features of the building.

According to Jonata Dayan, Executive Vice President, 320 Fifth Avenue has been successful even during the pandemic because of the forward-thinking initiatives taken by the owner, virtual tours, and promotion on social media. As showrooms and offices will open, the central location of the building and move-in ready pre-built spaces will attract more people.

Source – Real Estate Weekly

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