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Teijin to establish fibre research lab in Thailand

Dec 14, 2017
Teijin to establish fibre research lab in Thailand

Teijin Frontier Co Ltd, the Teijin Group’s fibre-product converting company, announced today that it will establish a R&D facility for fibres including polyester fibres in Thailand. Teijin Frontier Thai Innovation Laboratory (TFTIL) will be located in the Thailand Science Park, a private-sector science and technology hub that the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) will open in January 2018.

TFTIL will mainly research polymers as raw materials for polyester and other fibres and related manufacturing and processing technologies, enabling Teijin Frontier to establish a comprehensive production framework for polyester fibres, from polymers R&D to manufacture and processing, all in Thailand. TFTIL also will collaborate with Teijin’s polymerization and fibre’s R&D facility in Matsuyama, Japan and Teijin Product Development China Co., Ltd. in Nantong, China as three strategic R&D hubs in Asia. In addition, TFTIL will enable Teijin Frontier to easily collaborate with Thai governmental R&D bodies based in NSTDA to develop high-performance, high-quality and cost-competitive products.

Teijin Frontier is strengthening its nurture of excellent personnel to assume key roles in an expanding range of R&D initiatives to support the company’s production and technology operations in Thailand. Through such efforts, the company expects to enhance its response to global demands for polyester fibres that offer diverse functions, applications and markets.

Teijin Frontier has established comprehensive operations for fibre, fabric, textile-processing and sewn-product production and sales in Thailand, the hub of Teijin Frontier’s global polyester fibre business. The company’s global polyester fibre business is supported by free trade agreements, such as the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the ASEAN China Free Trade Agreement.