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Syounaa Therapeutic socks!

Oct 27, 2017
Syounaa Therapeutic socks!

Syounaa Therapeutic and Diabetic socks are one of the most scientifically advanced therapeutic and diabetic socks available in the market today. Revolutionary fibres with light reflective elements woven into the socks increase blood oxygen levels and increase energy.

Celliant is the world’s 1st responsive textile technology, which has been approved by the US FDA. Especially important to diabetics, the unique technology also improves vascular flow. These socks for diabetics feature a seamless toe and are non-binding to provide you the maximum comfort level possible.

How they work:
•Syounaa Therapeutic and Diabetic socks help improve vascular flow. •Syounaa Therapeutic & Diabetic socks help increase oxygen levels in the blood. •Syounaa Therapeutic & Diabetic socks balance body temperature. •Syounaa Therapeutic & Diabetic socks are non-binding. •Syounaa Therapeutic and Diabetic socks contain a non-irritating, seamless toe. •Syounaa Therapeutic & Diabetic socks are clinically proven to improve the feeling of overall wellness, heighten athletic performance and help regulate body temperature.

The extraordinary innovation and engineering behind Syounaa Therapeutic and Diabetic socks has resulted in their acceptance by consumers worldwide.

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