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Swiftjet offers flexible printing solutions

Sep 14, 2016
Swiftjet offers flexible printing solutions

Durst and Technijet have jointly developed a digital textile system called Swiftjet. Swiftjet is a spraying and drying unit which is connected upstream in actual printing machine and depending on the desired printing result, takes over the chemical pre-treatment of the textile thread. Swiftjet offers process optimization for increasing economic efficiency in textile printing.

Durst is an industrial inkjet specialist while Technijet is a manufacturer of industrial high-pressure cleaning systems. Durst’s soft pigment ink system (Alpha P) can be printed on standard material like cotton and polyester without additional binders and wet processes. Alpha P has soft grip and colour brilliance and at the same time it reduces water and energy consumption in production.

The Swiftjet pre-treatment system is adapted for the Durst Alpha Series high-performance inkjet printer and can process print widths of up to 330 cm. Durst will also offer the pre-treatment system as a standalone solution for existing third party technologies.