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STOLL and DESMA offer new shoe production solution

Jun 11, 2021
STOLL and DESMA offer new shoe production solution


The shoe industry is affected by short collection cycles and is under the pressure of time and cost.  Two medium-sized German enterprises KARL MAYER STOLL and DESMA have joined forces to overcome this issue.

According to Andreas Schellhammer, Head of Business Unit, STOLL, this new model gives an example of how complex things can be manufactured with efficiency and sustainability, by working together. The two partners are confident that they will bring specialism at every stage of the industry’s supply chain.

An integrated solution has been created by the two partners to manufacture innovative shoe models using a highly efficient process. Firstly seamless, 3D-knitted uppers are produced, then they are hardened and then they are attached to dual-layer sole constructions. This reduces lead time in production and allows machine setting to be adjusted so that optimum quality product is generated without any extra investment. STOLL uses flat weft knitting while DESMA uses direct sole attachment technology. This results in the creation of new products and mass production. The time-consuming production steps are eliminated using the new method. Also, in this sustainable innovation method, there is no scrap or waste. Also, it is more comfortable to wear as the shape is a perfect fit. Lastly using the flat weft knitting machine and efficient sole attachment process, high-performance footwear can be manufactured with customized designs.

The ADF 330-32 ki BcW flat weft knitting machine is used to manufacture the footwear. The machine has many intelligent components that offer automatic, efficient, and fully digitalized production processes. A wide range of knitwear looks can be incorporated using STOLL-ikat plating® and STOLL-weave-in® Technology. The process also speeds up as the upper component is directly turned into fabric. The multi-gauge E 9.2 can be used to expand the design potential in the textile shoe upper market. The fabrics created using this process surprise the designers as the detailing is fine and the surface are non-porous. The textures of the stitching in the fabric are also unique. the ADF 330-32 ki BcW, E 9.2 is extremely appealing in the shoe industry due to its design potential and benefits for the making up process. The machine is also demanded for it 36" working width and optimised dimensions.

Source – Press Release

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