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Spunbond system installed by FET at University of Leeds

Jul 28, 2021
Spunbond system installed by FET at University of Leeds


The installation and commissioning of a new FET Laboratory Spunbond system has been completed by Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd (FET) for the University of Leeds.

FET has expertise in nonwoven processes for difficult-to-process materials and it has been able to create a good reputation in melt spinning technology. FET wants to continue to drive the company towards innovative excellence and make a significant technological development.

According to Stephen Russell, Professor, The School of Design, University of Leeds this new system is suitable for academic research work and is versatile. This spunbond system takes care of all areas of physical testing, fabric processing, fibre, and characterization.

FET has been able to develop a true laboratory-scale spunbond system on the basis of its melt spinning expertise. FET is currently trying to get more such projects globally with research institutions and manufacturers.

FET spunbond is an important part of the research facilities of the Clothworkers’ Centre for Textile Materials Innovation for Healthcare, also known as CCTMIH.

Source – Press release of "FET"

Image Source: Press release of "FET"

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