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Solar Charkha Mission partners with womenswear brand

Mar 16, 2018
Solar Charkha Mission partners with womenswear brand

Womenswear brand W by TCNS Clothing has partnered with Solar Charkha Mission, an initiative by the Government of India, to revive and promote swadeshi handwoven fabric, for the launch of Harit Khadi items. This innovative method of weaving Harit Khadi is not only eco-friendly, but also scalable as it uses solar power driven charkhas and looms.

The increased output will increase the scope to use Harit Khadi in mass scale retail. Harit Khadi has been used to give shape to evolving sensibilities of modern Indian woman. As international fashion moves forward with comfort and sustainability as key focus areas, the brand has made Harit Khadi the leitmotif of SS18 collection.

“In the backdrop of Harit Khadi, we believe that this fabric weaves the social fabric of our country, as it has been the mainstay textile since the independence days and will continue to remain an integral part of our culture. It gives us immense pleasure to share platform with India’s leading private apparel companies like TCNS who have taken the initiative of bringing Harit Khadi to the mainstream fashion and bring back its sheen by associating with Solar Charkha Mission,” said Giriraj Singh, Minister of State for MSMEs.

This collection styled by W, an exquisite range made with a fine blend of Harit Khadi, offers intricate designs catering to the sartorial taste of discerning consumers. This initiative will provide the brand with an opportunity to popularise Harit Khadi products which in turn is proposed to help the weavers and local artisans’ to showcase their work on a wider platform and help provide a fashionable outlook to the product.