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Sioen actively invests in technical textiles

May 04, 2015
Sioen actively invests in technical textiles

Sioen Industries NV—a diversified stock quoted Group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of garments, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles—has announced two acquisitions: Dynatex and Le Comptoir Zouloo.

Dynatex is a young innovative company, specialized in multi-axial aramid reinforcement fabrics. A pioneering idea protected by several patents. Today, these fabrics are mainly used for trailer construction, where they, due to their strength, contribute to the structural integrity of the trailers on the one hand and protect against vandalism and theft on the other. By acquiring this company, Sioen emphasises its aim of technical leadership in the market of technical textiles. Callens, founder of Dynatex and driving force behind the innovative ideas, will become responsible, at the Sioen Group, for the further development of products for the transportation market and for the introduction of these solutions in other markets of technical textile.

Le Comptoir Zouloo is a small French company, specialized in the production and sale of color pigments. Comparable to Richard Colorants, a subsidiary of Sioen Chemicals, Le Comptoir Zouloo focuses on the production and distribution of colour pigments through the Do It Yourself- market. In that view, it is very complementary with Richard Colorants and is a perfect addition to strengthen the market position in France.

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