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Siemens extends RFID portfolio with compact reader

Nov 24, 2018
Siemens extends RFID portfolio with compact reader

Siemens is extending its range of Simatic RF600 ultra-high frequency (UHF) devices to include a new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader. The Simatic RF615R comes with a particularly compact design (133 x 155 x 45 millimetres), an internal, circularly polarized antenna and an additional external antenna connection. Using the connection for the additional external antenna, it is possible to set up a cost-efficient small-scale RFID gate. 
The device supports OPC UA as an IoT (Internet of Things) interface and communicates via the OPC UA AutoID Companion Specification V1.0 data model. This permits vendor-independent communication within the automation and a standardized connection to cloud applications such as the open cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere via an industrial IoT gateway such as Ruggedcom RX1400 with CloudConnect. Analysis of gathered data provides transparency for KPIs such as plant availability, utilization of assets, or energy saving potential. This, in turn, means optimized supply chains – resulting in improved efficiency and quality in production, logistics, asset management and other areas.

Due to the proven “UHF for Industry” algorithms, users benefit from extremely high reliability even in environments with poor radio signals. With its circularly polarized antenna, the reader offers high flexibility in the placement of RFID transponders to be captured. With both a digital input and a digital output, the Simatic RF615R offers a simple trigger option for distributed read points as well as local response to reading events. Access to the configuration, commissioning and diagnostic tools take place in a customary way via a web browser. 

This benefits users in terms of fast commissioning and diagnostics and improves project efficiency. Other functions which improve plant availability include in-process diagnosis and the diagnostic history in the logbook. The new reader is most ideally suited for use in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in conveyor technology. Due to its high protection rating of IP67, Simatic RF615R can also be used in harsh industrial environments.