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Siemens expands portfolio for Digital Enterprise

Nov 04, 2016
Siemens expands portfolio for Digital Enterprise

In Hall 11 at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 (to be held from November 22-24, 2016 at Nurenberg in Germany), Siemens will be presenting elements of its Digital Enterprise portfolio which are already available today for realisation of the Industrie 4.0 vision. Under the banner ‘Driving the Digital Enterprise’, Siemens will be showcasing integrated applications which customers can use to optimise their production systems and processes over the entire life cycle of their plants and products. Working together with customers from both the discrete manufacturing and process industry, Siemens is developing new solutions for plant and production processes. In the specially created “MindSphere Lounge”, visitors will also have the chance to experience the IoT ecosystem live in a unique atmosphere.

“Siemens is actively driving forward the digital transformation. To this end, we have made consistent additions to our Digital Enterprise portfolio, in particular in the field of cloud data platforms which pave the way for new digital business models”, says Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG Klaus Helmrich. “These innovations allow our medium-sized and large-scale customers alike to invest even more into integrated approaches for the end-to-end digitalisation of industry.”

MindSphere provides the foundation for applications and data-based services from Siemens and third-party suppliers in fields such as predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimisation. In this way, MindSphere offers customers a development environment in which they can integrate their own applications and services. In the MindSphere-Lounge – an area over 400 square meters in size – Siemens and its partner companies at the booth will be presenting their ideas and applications and allowing visitors to become immersed in whole new spheres. Visitors will also have the chance to find out just how easily their machines and production plants can be docked onto MindSphere applications with the aid of Totally Integrated Automation.