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RR Decor unveils new festival range of fabrics

Sep 07, 2021
RR Decor unveils new festival range of fabrics

New Delhi

RR Decor is a brand which is known for its luxurious hand-woven silk fabrics which have roots in India but have a universal appeal to them. The brand also stands apart in the furnishings world.

RR Decor is a premier textile design company in India that focuses on the originality of designs. The brand has launched the new festive collections of fabrics that offer a wide range of selections that are perfect for home decor. The new collections from the brand, naming, Miraas, Kensho, and Serah have been designed keeping in mind the upcoming festivities. The collection is made up of polyester fabrics with a smooth satin feel. The geometric pattern gives an embossed look and the collections come in neutral tones. The fabrics designed by the brand are perfect for curtains, cushions, and light upholstery.

Adding to this, considering the upcoming festivities, velvets bring out a luxurious vibe. Speaking of the collection individually, Serah comprises digitally printed velvets which are perfect for cushions, wall claddings, curtains, and upholstery. It is also full of bright and colourful hues like mint, rust, crimson, and navy. The shades are perfect to showcase a rich and opulent environment. Kilim pattern offers good coordination between plains, small geometrics, and stripes.

Source – Press release of "RR Decor"

Image Source: Press release of "RR Decor"

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