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Raymonds sees recovery of garments business

Sep 28, 2021
Raymonds sees recovery of garments business

Gautam Singhania, CMD, Raymonds, said that the garment business is seeing a good recovery. He added that most of their business is ahead of pre-pandemic levels already.

On the garment business, he said that, he thinks that the recovery is good and most businesses are back up now. There is no third wave fortunately, he hopes that there would be a reasonably good recovery.

He also said that, every year the company comes out with something different for the youth with the trends in the market, and the traders helped them design a collection in line with what the market wants. So, it is really putting it into the market and seeing where the potential is. Raymonds has launched a new collection of shirting fabrics under the brand Vibez, with an aim to capitalise on the casual clothing space.

On demand in the upcoming festive season, he said the company hopes to touch pre-Covid levels this time. Speaking on the branded apparel business, Singhania said that, he thinks everything is recovering. All their businesses are recovering, including branded apparel. So, they are keeping their fingers crossed if there is no third wave and everybody would be out of the pandemic. In a lot of our businesses, they are back to the pre-pandemic levels. So, their business is anything between 90 and 110% pre-Covid depending on which business they are in.

Source: CNBC

Image Source: Google Images

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