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Prisma RGB Full-Color Monitoring by Loepfe

Sep 13, 2021
Prisma RGB Full-Color Monitoring by Loepfe


RGB foreign matter detection is the new benchmark for spinners when managing contamination control and the YarnMaster PRISMA F-sensor illuminates the yarn in the full spectrum of light using the additive RGB colour model.

This absolutely unique technology for yarn quality control uses the three primary colours red, green and blue, adding wavelength for wavelength to enable world unique full-colour monitoring. This unparalleled full colour functionality heralds in a new era of foreign matter detection. It enables unprecedented reliability in the detection of foreign matter in all colours including delicate shades and the glossiness differences, in any type of yarn, colour and mixtures.

The RGB technology also allows a new colour-based determination of organic materials within the yarn to separate them from regular disturbing foreign matter. These organic materials, do not necessarily have to be removed from the yarn during the winding process, as they are eliminated in subsequent processes. Important factors such as these are taken into account by YarnMaster PRISMA and given the highest priority. This is because the precise detection and classification of a disturbing or non-disturbing defect leads directly to a lower cut rate, which immediately results in higher efficiency and waste reduction. This is an absolute requirement for the efficient and effective performance of a spinning mill.

The YarnMaster PRISMA yarn clearer system leads to basic yarn clearing while keeping the chosen quality through all levels up to the absolute super-yarn that is free from defects which could not even be seen by the human eye.

The YarnMaster PRISMA enables the spinner to reliably guide the yarn quality control completely according to his needs while balancing its efficiency and quality. This aligns fully to meet Loepfe’s ultimate goal - ‘we want YOU to perform’.

30 years ago, in 1991, Loepfe took a pioneering role in the introduction of foreign matter detection based on the SIRO yarn clearing principle. With YarnMaster PRISMA, Loepfe once again assumes the leading role and elevates yarn clearing to a new level - providing maximum reliability in foreign matter detection.

The four-sensor technology guarantees the four key benefits - Productivity, Profitability, Versatility and Reliability - at all times. YarnMaster PRISMA represents the new benchmark that opens up new worlds where efficiency and quality are in balance, yarn waste and energy are reduced, one device covers all challenges and Swiss-made quality is the standard.

Source: Loepfe Press Release

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