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Piyush Goyal: FTAs cannot be signed in haste

Sep 15, 2021
Piyush Goyal: FTAs cannot be signed in haste

New Delhi

Piyush Goyal, Commerce and industry minister, Free Trade Agreements cannot be signed in haste. India is now gearing up to sign trade pacts with some countries in the coming months.

He also said that under the guidance of the Prime Minister of the country, the sector is going down deep into FTAs so that they do not harm any other established sector of the country. He feels that India should get benefits and there should be reciprocity. He added that the country shouldn’t reach a point where only one market is open and not the other way round.

Goyal further said that in the past, India has faced the consequences of signing an FTA in haste. So, there is a reason why India opted out of RCEP.

Source – Business Standard       

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