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Pakistan beats India in apparel exports to the US

Apr 24, 2021
Pakistan beats India in apparel exports to the US

Karachi, Pakistan

In February, Pakistan surpassed India, Indonesia, and Vietnam in apparel and textiles export to the US. Despite the global pandemic situation, Pakistan recorded an increase in its export volume. According to a report by Apparel Resources, Pakistan was one of the top global players who exported apparel to the US in February. Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser to PM on Commerce of Pakistan, mentioned that there were the only main exporters during the COVID 19 pandemic who supplied apparel to the US. He further added that Pakistan was showing the world that it is a reliable supply destination and wants to promote the vision of ‘Make in Pakistan’.

The US’s apparel import value decreased year on year by 8.7% to $5.39 billion in February, but its volume increased by 3.2% and Pakistan remained the top exporter to meet the needs of the US market.

Despite the increase in export volume, Pakistan is facing a shortage of cotton and is only receiving half of the needed volume. Owing to the pressure from the textile industry, the Pakistan government recently allowed duty-free import of cotton yarn.

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