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NFMJ 80 6/66: High-performance narrow fabric needle loom

Jul 30, 2019
NFMJ 80 6/66: High-performance narrow fabric needle loom

The high-performance NFMJ 80 6/66 narrow fabric needle loom is the world’s largest machine of its type and is naturally designed and built by the Jakob Müller company. The SPE3 jacquard unit has 1,536 functions and thus enables the weaving of elastic and non-elastic tapes with very fine threads. The jacquard narrow fabric needle loom on display at the fair operates using the high-middle-low principle and 768 functions are available for actual patterning.

At the fair, the newly developed NFMJ 80 6/66 was shown with an elastic tape with changing colour and holographic effects. The colour interplay is the result of a fabric structure patented by the Jakob Müller Group, which renders the patterning invisible unless the tape is stretched. However, once this is extended, certain coloured design elements can be seen when viewed from the right. Should the tape be looked at from the left, other colour effects or lettering suddenly appear. Therefore, depending on the angle of vision more or fewer patterning elements are recognisable.

The holographic tape produced is elastic and pleated in form. The Z6 weaving system binds the two tape selvedges on the right-hand side. In order to obtain a uniform weave structure, elastic threads are then added to the top and underneath sides of the tape by separate, positive controlled transport units. After weaving, the tape is opened up and therefore has a double width. This product is then employed as a broad waistband in fashionable jogging and sport pants. During sport, the patterning effects become alternately visible and a skin protection layer on the underside of the tape enhances wearer comfort.