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MEVOPUR® for spun-bond fibres

Nov 09, 2016
MEVOPUR® for spun-bond fibres

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and its Masterbatches business unit, has launched a specific range of MEVOPUR® colour and functional additives for use in high-performance, spun-bond fibres used in medical applications.

Nonwoven fibres are used in applications including surgical gowns and masks, sterilization bags, medical filtration products, and a range of sanitary and hygienic pads, and wound-care dressings. Since pigments and additives used to colour or modify the polymer potentially increase the risk of extraction and interaction if the products come in contact with bodily fluids, these applications often require extraction and biological evaluation to standards such as US Pharmacopeia (USP) <87>,<88> or similar.

Clariant MEVOPUR masterbatches and compounds provide the makers of medical and pharmaceutical products with change-controlled, raw material additives and masterbatches, complete with regulatory documentation to support their use in healthcare applications. Every MEVOPUR product combines excellent application performance with documentation of the biological evaluation of its raw material ingredients to USP chapters (Class VI) and ISO10993 requirements.

MEVOPUR colour and additive masterbatches are now available in seven ISO10993/USP colours (Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, and Green). New MEVOPUR masterbatch options, including custom colours, are also available for use with polyethylene (PE) bi-component fibres.