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Livinguard to launch odor-neutralizing t-shirts and polos

Jul 12, 2021
Livinguard to launch odor-neutralizing t-shirts and polos

San Jose

Livinguard has announced that it will launch an odour-neutralizing apparel line in the US using its groundbreaking hygiene technology. It will mainly consist of t-shirts and polos. The company developed protective masks with Covid-19 deactivating properties. As per a new study performed by Hohenstein Labs, the launch of these innovative products will help kill 99.9% of bacteria because of the use of advanced Livinguard technology.

The ability of the company to kill bacteria is a watershed development in the hygiene and textile industry sector. The outdoor enthusiasts and weekend warriors are excited for these t-shirts and polos that have odour-neutralizing properties. These are suited for use by the textile industry in the manufacture of uniforms such as those used in restaurants.

According to Sanjeev Swamy, CEO and Founder, Livinguard due to the pandemic, the importance of hygiene technology in protecting the health of people across the world, has been underscored. He also said that the company will continue to make apparel with permanent antiviral and bacteria-fighting properties.

Swamy also said that the findings by Hohenstein Labs have reaffirmed that the company is an innovator in the hygiene space.

The Livingurad technology uses the principle of the deactivation of microbes including bacteria and viruses. A positive charge is applied at the molecular level to textile surfaces using the technology which makes the negative charge more powerful.

Source – Valdosta Daily Times

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