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Laser airbag cutters from Lectra

Apr 06, 2017
Laser airbag cutters from Lectra

Lectra satisfies automotive suppliers’ need to meet fluctuating demand with a newly expanded range of FocusQuantum, the state-of-the-art laser airbag cutters already implemented by market-leading airbag cushion suppliers worldwide, such as Dual, GST, HMT, Key Safety Systems, Kolon and Sumisho.

FocusQuantum FT3K — Lectra’s accessible new version of its laser cutting solution for multi-ply airbag fabric — is designed to help airbag cushion suppliers seize new business opportunities by lowering their overall manufacturing costs. Featuring a single cutting head and 3 kW laser source, the new model places the solution’s advanced technology within the reach of a greater number of manufacturers.

FocusQuantum FT3K also offers the possibility of satisfying increased production volumes with an on-site upgrade. The more powerful configuration features a second 3 kW laser source and second cutting head for an increase in productivity of up to 65% without the need to build new facilities or expand an existing plant. Upon completion of the upgrade, airbag suppliers benefit from precisely the same functionality and performance of FocusQuantum FT3K’s top-of-the-line counterpart, FocusQuantum FT6K.

The automotive airbag market is currently growing at a rate of 8-9-percent per year, as the supplier ecosystem continues to reorganize. To remain competitive, many automotive suppliers are re-evaluating their manufacturing footprint. Although they must ensure that their manufacturing sites are robust enough to meet fluctuations in demand, suppliers must also rationalise their capital expenditures.