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LANXESS presents leather fashion trends

Jan 19, 2017
LANXESS presents leather fashion trends

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS, a world-leading manufacturer of leather chemicals, is unveiling leather trends for the spring-summer season 2018. The collection presents tanneries with numerous leather samples that reflect the trends in terms of colour, structure, haptics and overall appearance. 

LANXESS’s Leather business unit provides this service twice a year so that leather designers, producers and suppliers can react early to future trends and realise new creative items.  Furthermore, tanneries receive relevant formulations and practical advice on processing. This unique mixture of upcoming fashion trends on the one hand and new technologies as well as innovative chemical products on the other creates significant added value to exclusive fashionable leather products in regard to quality, sustainability and ecology.

Trends for the spring-summer season 2018
Caramelle Dolce means – like the reach for hot latte – that the cold winter is not over yet. The scent of almond candles and lavender lingering in the background let spring and summer feelings slowly arise. The colour inspiration makes us dream of puristic soft surfaces with a soft touch. While we combine creamy and sweet colours, we wait until spring embraces us with its shiny and bright colours. 

Pura Primavera – here vibrant colours dominate from yellow over green to blue. We are surrounded by light and air; spring is present wherever we are. The fragrance of lemon brings with it a lively yellow and lime green colour. The green colours mirror big gardens that welcome us with serene radiant colours of nature. Enveloping, alive and energetic, this is a dynamic inspiration with bold combinations and completely without shadows. Sunny and light colours accompany us until they reach the stars.

Stile Intenso – a trend with a summery bright range of colours. The warm season is characterised by strong and intense style, full of feeling. There are maritime colours ranging from coral red and blue from the sea to the deep green of the ocean forests. These are authentic, pure colours that combine harmoniously with the light pastel tones from spring and are eye-catchers for shoes, bags and jackets.

As fragrances increase in intensity, the colors deepen in the Estate Profondo trend. It invites us to dream of the endless summer. The intensive colors reflect the color of sweet vanilla ice cream, of endless beaches and the strong blue color of a volcano at sunset. The colors are saturated but never deep – a gift from mother nature just like the smell of cumin that combines with a sea breeze during dinner on the beach.