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Korean firm offers premium fabrics for home textiles

Nov 10, 2014
Korean firm offers premium fabrics for home textiles

Dong Il Textile Co Ltd, which sells its premium home textile fabrics in the Chinese, the US and European markets, was in India recently to woo buyers for its products. “We have some buyers in India in the last three years we have been in this market. But the market is very price conscious, and our high premium goods have not many buyers here,” said the Korean firm's Director, William Yoon, during an informal chat with the Editor of The Indian Textile Journal.

He told the Editor that some hotels have shown interest in their premium fabrics. “We have very high quality spandex materials, for which we have a big buyer in China with exclusive rights. We are also looking for such arrangements in India since home textile has a good market in India as well as for its exporters,” he told the Editor.

Dong Il Textile is also major player in fashion textiles.”We have a good market in Turkey, and UK apart from in China and the US for fashion fabrics. I know India has a very god market for high-end fabrics in home textile and fashion garments, but I could not find the right person or organisation who could market for us here. I this visit, I am really trying to find the right contact to have the arrangement for the future,” he said.

He said:”We have mostly LIBA machines, which have certain advantages. These are high-end machines and the European buyers like to buy fabrics from LIBA machines. Now with Karl Mayer having taken over LIBA, we have the benefits of both the manufacturers and our buyers insist on European quality which we give them”.

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