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KM.ON and STOLL synergise to offer CREATE software

Jun 16, 2021
KM.ON and STOLL synergise to offer CREATE software


The two brands KM.ON and STOLL have synergised with each other for the benefit of the customers. CREATE has been launched for the brands to combine their expertise and creativity.

CREATE, new design software for flat knitted fabrics, will open up a whole new world of pattern-creation with the development of the simplified and accelerated programs. It is a great contribution to the digitization of the entire knitwear design and development process.

CREATE is mainly an extension to the innovation category of KM.ON solutions. Its prime focus is to accelerate the design-to-market workflow. It offers the possibility to implement customized adaptations, adjustments in size, and create different shapes. Another important aspect of the tool is to shape the library with various presets. The integrated yarn library offers a selection of fancy and standard yarns so that knitted fabrics can be created. Also, these yarns can be continuously updated. Also, there is a possibility that personalised yarns can also be created.

The software comes with an extensive library that can be used to stitch different designs as it has various stitch constructions. Also, the customers can create their own digital stitch constructions. These constructions are pumped with simultaneous stitch simulation and can be used to run technical design checks

Even if there are no or a few physical sample pieces, the virtual fabric offers a true-to-life imitation of the stitches and their distortions, which can be used to conceptualize and plan a collection. Also, different colour combinations can be tried out with a colourway generator. Lastly, this design program can be used as a basis for the knitting program. The knitting process can be started soon after the technician has completed various checks.

STOLL and KM.ON are the two successful bands of the KARL MAYER Group. These two have combined their creativity and expertise to offer a new system ‘CREATE’, so that the customers can be benefitted. STOLL, a pioneer in flat knitting technology, brings unique process knowledge to its business so that excellent customer support and perfect flat knitting solutions can be offered. On the other hand, KM.ON will bring along specialization in digital solutions, innovation in software products, and services for the textile industry.

Source – Press release

Image Source: Press release of "Karl Mayer"

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