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Kitex sends legal notices

Aug 10, 2021
Kitex sends legal notices


Kitex Garments which is one of the largest garment-makers in the world has sent notices to the district labour officer and the assistant labour officer at Perumbavoor.

The notices have been sent to seek compensation because these officers have bought discredit to the company. According to the communications from Kitex Garments, the notice also said that these officers have misused their power and declared that the company is not paying the minimum wages according to the revised minimum wages rule by the High Court.

The communication also bought to the knowledge that the labour officers have claimed that the company has been violating the rules related to 73 counts and also that the reports of the department have been leaked to some newspapers. The intent behind this leaked information is to bring a bad name to the company.

The company on the other hand has claimed that these reports have hurt the reputation of the company and the allegations that have been made by the labour officers should be pulled back within a time period of 15 days. The company has also asked these labour officers to pay an amount of Rs 0.05 billion as compensation against bringing bad name and discredit to the company.

Source – The Hindu

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