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ITM 2018 occupancy rate rises to 90%

Oct 06, 2017
ITM 2018 occupancy rate rises to 90%

ITM 2018 exhibition has reached an occupancy rate of 90 per cent shortly after starting its sales and reservations, due to the huge demand for participation and therefore draws attention with the increase in the number of its participants and capacity utilisation.

The ITM 2018 International Textile Machinery Exhibition whose sales and reservations were started in September 2016, rose to 90 per cent occupancy rate in a short period of time owing to huge demands of participation. Some of exhibitors have reserved their same stands in ITM 2016 for ITM 2018 when some of them widened their stands. ITM Exhibitions, which is the third biggest fair in the world, is the most accurate address to meet with investors both in Turkey, a country of textile, and in neighbouring countries and in countries of the region. For this reason, the Exhibition, which has gotten great attention of the world’s technology producers, continues to grow by increasing number of participants and capacity.

The technology investments in Turkey, one of the world’s most important countries in textile production, that were left in limbo due to global uncertainties in the second half of the year of 2016, started to revive by 2017. Especially in 2018, it is estimated that textile producers, who are attracting attention with the increase in exports, will purchase a large number of machines in order to increase their capacities and to renew their technology circuits. Ismail Gülle, President of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Union, underlines the fact that $3 billion will be invested in the sector until the end of 2018.