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India aids Egypt scale up textile centre

Aug 25, 2016
India aids Egypt scale up textile centre

India, backed by a $ 1 million support, has assisted Egypt upgrade one of its largest vocational textile training centres (VTC) with latest technologies. The upgraded centre in Shoubra El Kheima, Cairo, was inaugurated by Indian ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya, in presence of Egyptian minister of trade and industry Tarek Kabil and minister of international cooperation Sahar Nasr.

The VTC, which trains around 350 students each year, has been upgraded with latest technologies in spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing. It will offer several courses in textile sector. The upgradation project was implemented by India’s National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), which will also provide consultancy for the operations of VTC for the next three years. The upgraded VTC will provide new skills, raise productivity, generate jobs and raise the GDP of the country.