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IIT Guwahati invents biodegradable wound-dressing film

Aug 12, 2021
IIT Guwahati invents biodegradable wound-dressing film

Guwahati, Assam

IIT Guwahati researchers have developed a low-cost, biodegradable, composite, transparent wound-dressing film that would enable the body to heal on its own through the endogenous enzymes, according to recent research.

The laboratory-scale development was found to be at least 50% economical in comparison with similar commercial materials. The research to address these issues was carried by out a team at the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati.

Several promising features and advantages exist for the polymer-based hydrogel films as novel wound dressing materials. In addition to their bio-degradability that counters environmental hazards, the mentioned films are easy for people to afford them. They prevent any kind of toxicity that counters and hampers the growth of cells, tissues and natural healing processes. Even if the dressing material loses its occlusivity to bacteria after being swollen under huge flow of exudates, the material would leach few of its components that facilitate localized antibacterial effect in a hydrolytic environment.


IIT Guwahati has created the knowledge framework and associated protocols for successful identification and optimization of polymer hydrogel films for the probable wound dressing applications.


Such customized and effectively designed novel materials provide the necessary hope to address effectively issues such as biodegradability of synthetic polymer-based materials among others. All these are expected to further enrich the on-field applications of polymers in real-world applications.


Compared to the CA-based PVA-St composite hydrogel film, the recently invented MA-based similar film has been about 4.56 percent inexpensive.

Source: India Today

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