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ICON Inks acquired by the Marabu Group

Jul 21, 2021
ICON Inks acquired by the Marabu Group


Marabu Group has acquired ICON Inks to strengthened the group’s international presence by expanding Marabu’s product portfolio and reach. According to Jon Bultemeyer, Executive Vice President, Business Unit Screen and Pad Printing Inks, the company has high hopes with this acquisition. The company has always considered various segments with strong prospects. He also said that Textile printing is one of the largest global screen-printing segments. ICON links is a leading brand and with this acquisition, Marabu will get access to new markets and skills. He added that by expanding the product portfolio, the company is now able to offer screen printing inks for textiles and pad printing solutions.

Marabu will now be able to expand its addressable segments to include textile printing, with the purchase of ICON Inks. In 2020, the company launched Maqua Pad MAP ink which is the world’s first water-based pad printing ink. Considering the old portfolio of the company, ICON Inks products are ideal and will help Marabu to extend its focus s on water-based products. This will also help the company to expand its textile printing footprint.

According to Jon Bultemeyer, textile printing is very exciting for the company. He said that the inks vary by type and can be based on water, solvent, silicone, and plastisol. As per the terms of the venture, Marabu will not change its portfolio initially, so that ICON Inks customers can be sure of consistently reliable quality. Later, Marabu plans to take the product offering to a global scale and to extend its scope.

This integration of ICON Inks and Marabu Group will allow the group to improve its presence in the Asian markets. The two groups can improve their business agility by tailoring the ink formulations according to the requirements of the customers and by using the local raw materials.  Local manufacturing and logistics will also contribute to lowering the effect of greenhouse gases. 

Source – Press release of "Marabu"

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