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ICIS Asian Polyolefins meet in Bangkok

Oct 03, 2017
ICIS Asian Polyolefins meet in Bangkok

On the November 14-1,5 2017, the ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference returns to the wonderful city of Bangkok. Now in its 5th year, the event will explore the effects of capacity, economics, demand and trade on the Asian polyolefins market and address the questions asked by producers, buyers, traders and end-users.

With China and India’s production ever-increasing, and additional pressure to absorb material from the US and Middle East, will Asia’s supply/demand concerns continue? Is increased production from major players in anticipation of good demand growth? As mature markets move towards more specialised products and consumer trends change, how will polyolefins converters keep up during the squeeze? One should attend the 5th ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference to hear in depth analysis of all of these issues and more!

  • This year’s conference is set to be the best yet. Its focus will be on:
  • Excellent networking opportunities at one of the industry’s fastest growing events, with delegates representing the entire polyolefin value chain
  • Insight into macroeconomics that could affect your company in 2018 and beyondTop industry speakers discussing developments and regional supply and demand trends in China, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and the US
  • In-depth analysis of how global capacity fluctuations could influence your future business strategy
  • An understanding of key consumer market trends, including packaging and high performance polymers