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Huge scope for textiles in Goa: Irani

Jun 19, 2017
Huge scope for textiles in Goa: Irani

The possibility of attracting investments in Goa to set up technical textile production units is being explored, Union Minister for Textiles Smriti Irani said during an event in Goa. Irani also said that her Ministry has extended support for revival of the Kunbi saree, which is specific to Goa.

Stating that her Ministry is keen on revival of the craft of weaving the Kunbi saree fabric, Irani said, “The curtain raiser of the textile event featured the Kunbi saree in Delhi and we found people even from outside Goa who are making Kunbi sarees. I have just met the art and culture minister and I have appealed to him that if there are people who want to revive it in Goa or outside Goa, the Government of India is happy to extend its support, especially for the revival of skills and crafts.”