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Higher jobs but lower response to polytechnic courses

Jul 30, 2021
Higher jobs but lower response to polytechnic courses

Tamil Nadu

As per the statistics, the admissions to polytechnic colleges have been very few this year. The colleges in small towns are struggling to fill sanctioned seats.

On the other hand, some city-based colleges have managed to receive a lot of applications. According to a faculty member at a city polytechnic, the college managed to fill 450 seats this year whereas it used to get over 1,500 applications every year. It is seen that the job opportunities related to this field are excellent but somehow the COVID-19 pandemic has affected students’ preferences.

In order to attract students, government polytechnic colleges have announced that there will be no fees for the first year. As per a faculty member, The All India Council for Technical Education has given a deadline of October to start the classes for polytechnic and engineering students. It was also said that polytechnic admissions have been adversely impacted by peer influence and the delay in the admission process.

As per N. Sathyan, a faculty member, this is a social issue too. As more girls are joining the degree programs they don’t want to marry a person who has only a diploma qualification. As per S. Shanmugasundaram, general manager, the firm used to recruit from various colleges and there was no dearth of trained candidates. But the quality of students has fallen now.

Source – The Hindu

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